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Granite And Marble Floors And WallsThe beauty and oppulence of natural stone has prevailed as the most sought after finish in any building since before the days of Jesus Christ.

Floors, walls, columns and countertops all contribute to subtle elegance when finished in natural stone.  The range of colors, applications and vocality of beauty is limited only by ones imagination and skillfull ability to employ these products.

Booms Stone Company has completed hundreds of projects in the Southeast Michigan area and can provide a guided day tour for education or testimony as to the possibilities of applications and our abilities to execute designs.

Did you know...

Granite is an igneous rock originating from the slow crystallization of molten magma cooling deep beneath the Earth's surface. The word 'granite' is derived from the Latin: granum, meaning grain. It describes the granular texture of the rock. The three main minerals easily recogized in granite are feldspar, mica, and quartz.

It is the varying color and density of each of these minerals along with differences in their cooiling times which combine together to give the many different surface appearances of the rock, depending on where in the world it is quarried. Moreover, being homogenous in composition, igneous rocks are said to be 'massive' unlike sedimentary rocks which are composed in layers or beds of varing thickness. These qualities make granite the hardest, strongest and most durale of all building stone.

Booms Stone Company

Booms Stone Company maintains relationships with quarriers in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Brazil, South Africa, India, Canada and the United States in order to be a price leader on commercial project pricing and to maintain the highest quality inventory at the lowest prices.

As a member of the Marble Institute of America, Booms Stone Company ensures the high quality deliverable you expect from a leading member of this institution.


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