Booms Stone Cutting GraniteBooms Stone Co. undertakes natural stone construction projects. We have successfully completed hundreds of commercial projects in North America, with our “in-house” staff of engineers, fabricators, project managers and installers. We specialize in crafting customized interior & exterior, natural stone floors, stone veneer walls, stone cladding, planters, columns, lobby reception areas and countertops. Our projects include office buildings, hospitals, universities, government buildings, libraries/museums, hotels/casinos, churches/temples/mausoleums and memorials. All created from natural stone products extracted from the earth. We use the latest data imaging and drawing techniques to assist our trained contemporary artisans, in the construction of our products and use of stone sourced from diverse natural stone suppliers around the world.

The beauty and opulence of natural stone has prevailed as the most sought after finishes in any building or structure since before the days of Jesus Christ. Floors, walls, columns and countertops all contribute to subtle elegance when finished in natural stone. The range of colors, applications and finishes is limited only by ones imagination and skillful ability to employ these products and technologies.

Booms Stone Company provides estimating for budgets as well as hard bids. Structural calculations are developed by a registered engineer licensed in 44 states. Testing of stone specimens, shop drawings and fabrication tickets are other services we can provide. Our in-house state-of-the-art, 45,000 sqft fabrication facility includes, sawing, waterjet cutting, polishing, edging and CNC machines. We maintain an average stock of 3000 slabs of unique marble, granite, limestone, onyx, quartz, travertine as well as man-made engineered stones.

Natural Stone Disclaimer

Marble and granite are unique natural products. Like all other natural stones, the color intensity and veining of each piece is different from that of any other piece. Variations in shading and veining are inherent characteristics of the product and one of its beauties.

We provide samples as a basic color reference and we will never imply that the piece installed will be an exact carbon copy of the sample. There is an acceptable degree of variation for which allowances must be made.

Natural stone samples represent an average of color characteristics. Stone is a product of nature and therefore it is impossible to guarantee uniformity of color, veining, or any other characteristics. Personally selecting slabs to be fabricated for projects is necessary to see the overall variation of the stone and finish to be used.

Industry Memberships

Natural Stone Institute Member
Construction Association of Michigan