Why Choose Limestone for Your Commercial Space?

Limestone features a uniform texture and grade, making it ideal as a premium dimension material. As a grain stone, it weathers naturally over the years as its color mellows and develops a beautiful patina. Limestone can be cut, carved, and smoothed into a wide variety of shapes, so it works well in any type of commercial application. Boom Stone Company specializes in installations ranging from universities and government buildings to liturgical structures, monuments, cathedrals, and museums.

While there are subtle variances in grain, limestone’s homogeneity and consistency allow for an unsurpassed versatility. The uniformity also means that future expansions can be more streamlined, to blend the old and the new seamlessly. Boom Stone Company is an Accredited Member of the Marble Institute of America, staffed by a team of experts that will assist you with planning, selection, and installation.

Applications for Commercial Limestone

Limestone can be used in almost any interior or exterior commercial space, but some of our more popular applications include:

  • Stone Flooring, including pavers, treads and stair risers. The versatility of limestone enables it to be crafted into elegant medallions and logos that make a bold statement.
  •  Liturgical Stone Work, where its uniform hues and textures create a peaceful, tranquil atmosphere. Limestone is attention-grabbing when used to construct soaring columns, yet it can still be carved to showcase a sculpture’s intricate facial features and clothing textures.

Booms Stone Company: Your Commercial Limestone Specialists

Booms Stone Company is the premiere stone contractor in Southeast Michigan, with a portfolio of hundreds of projects completed for our commercial customers. Our design specialists are available to assist with all aspects of your construction or renovation, no matter what your limestone needs may be. We’re proud to host guided day tours at our facility, to give you a hands-on learning experience for all of our high-quality building materials. Please view our selection of commercial projects, or call us for a quote.