With our natural stone products, become inspired for your commercial undertaking, by the artfully distinct features each of our products offers. Our products are selected from stone quarries located in Italy, Spain, Canada, and the U.S. With our global, natural stone connections, you can be assured our products are stunning and perfect for churches, cathedrals, museums, and other commercial venues. Our experience in the natural stone industry is extensive, and we choose only first choice materials of granite, marble, and other stone to create long lasting symbols of elegance.

Quarried With Precision

Each marble, granite, or stone product offered by Booms Stone, is extracted, keeping the most beautiful minerals, edges, opulence, and striking features in-tact. When choosing a natural stone product for commercial floors, columns, arches, and other architectural details, our thorough craftsmen guide you through our array of colors and options to compliment the essence of your desired structure. Whether choosing marble, granite, stone cladding, or veneer stone, we can help finish all the details in refined style.

Appeal and Sophistication

Our stone cladding services offers our clients subtle elegance to cap off exterior and interior surfaces with beauty and veracity. For an authentic and truly exquisite finish, stone cladding is a perfect choice. Stone cladding includes utilizing natural stone products. The advantage of using stone cladding products and techniques is the assurance of their cost effective measures. Stone cladding provides function and style, while offering our clients affordable exterior and interior finishes. To create unique and beautiful statements in your commercial building, utilize Booms Stones skillful and assured services.

Beautifully Designed

Each of our stone products are extracted and used to create distinction and variety from other commercial buildings. Our team can create intricate patterns, mix products, and other design elements to allow your building to stand out with eye-catching allure and affluence. Stone cladding is a way to utilize and display the elegance and intriguing beauty only natural stone can offer. Your building will stand for majesty appeal, and portray being distantly thought-out and cleverly designed, almost as if a piece of art.

Proper Installation

We provide samples as a basic color reference and we will never imply that the piece installed will be an exact
carbon copy of the sample. There is an acceptable degree of variation for which allowances must be made.

Our Company

We serve the Great Lakes area, dedicated to offer chicness and luxury to commercial buildings. We ensure our craftsmen, design team, and natural stone suppliers will produce client satisfaction. With our products, craftsmen, artistry, and dedication, Booms Stone offers outstanding services like no one else. Visit our showroom today or view our professional gallery. Quality natural stone, granite, and marble are our specialty. With our experience in the industry, you can trust our expertise. We can create any design, inlay, and other fine details for you. Our excellence speaks for itself with avid testimonials and satisfied clients.

Call us today to schedule a consultation, and we will walk you through our professionalism and dedication to superior service and stone products.