Our liturgical services are masterfully utilized for the custom creation and design in churches, cathedrals, and even temples. Our skilled designers can envision amazing stone structures of art, benches, arches, alters, columns, and more for beautiful, reverent spaces, worthy of worship. We work closely with pastors, clergy, and consultants to ensure your vision for worship comes fully to life. We play with designs, giving you options that you feel most comfortable with, and communicate with you, every step of the way.

Liturgical Design Consultants

We work closely to make the lives of priest, bishops, pastors, and project managers easier, while constructing various artwork and designs for worship. We support our client’s efforts and do our utmost to ensure integrity and quality products are provided in our services. We use quarried natural stone to create wonderful relics, beautiful stonework, and elegant floors, blending tradition with function. When construction and designing buildings of worship, we create detailed sketches for the scope of the project and continued inspiration. From the initial planning stages to the finishing touches, our team works with our clients to create holy and refined houses of worship. Our staff treats our affiliates with respect and our craftsmen take great pride in their work and details on all commercial projects. We keep architectural details in mind, improving or adding intricate embellishments with beautiful stone products. We understand the technical jargon of liturgy and architecture here at Booms Stone Company, and can showcase our completed projects and stonework for your review.

Religious Architecture

We are dedicated to completing beautiful designs and construction for structures of worship. We take just as much pride on the exterior of the building as we do the interior. We create cohesion and unity, while still blending style, beauty, and respect for the people involved in the process. Our devotion stretches to understanding the doctrines and dogmas of the edifice, to ensure we don’t leave any detail unchecked. For beautiful column work, made from marble, granite, and other products, leave it to Booms Stone.

Professional Liturgical Services

Our professionalism has kept our clients returning to Booms Stone time and time again. We have worked on a number of churches in the Great Lakes area, creating buildings of worship which inspire and bring peace and unity to the community. We take great care when installing stone construction in commercial and worship buildings. From the entrance to the sanctuary, you will see our professionalism shine. Within each room, we understand the activities and purposes. This allows our designers to help you choose products which are appropriate for intended activities. We help instill function and quality with our liturgical services. We dedicate our labors to making sure buildings designated for faith are done so with purity and elegance.

Liturgical Arts

You can trust your church, cathedral, temple, or other structure meant for worship and services, is truly something spectacular and splendid. Nothing is more amazing than natural stone, displayed in warm colors and designs. It creates a sense of veneration and inspires a personal connection. By giving our clients peace of mind with our services, they can feel assured every detail is covered and handled with Booms Stone professional services.

Contact Boom Stone Company

We provide stone restoration services as well. Whether our services are granted to a new building construction or are utilized to reinvent a current space and building, we are happy to oblige. Come visit our showroom, or take a look at past projects for further inspiration. With our experience in liturgical design and construction, we can create peace, reverence, and devotion for any building of worship. With Booms Stone, we can secure the vibe, direction, and vision our clients have for churches, temples, cathedrals, and more is brought to fruition.