Why Choose Granite for Your Commercial Space

Granite is one of the most popular choices among our commercial customers because of its durability and timeless, natural beauty. We carry granite slabs in 250 different color patterns and textures, so there are multiple options for all types of commercial spaces, including universities and campuses, government buildings, monuments, museums, churches and cathedrals, and other houses of religious worship.

Granite is resistant to heat, scratches and stains, so the material is ideal for busy commercial spaces with high levels of traffic. Surfaces finished in granite provide longevity and resilience, while still presenting a classic elegance that will impress the most discerning customers. As an Accredited Member of the Marble Institute of America, Boom Stone Company can help you incorporate commercial granite to add visual appeal and make a memorable statement.

Applications for Commercial Granite

The commercial applications for granite are almost endless, but our specialists are available to assist with design options to suit any style. Our services for commercial granite include:

  • Stone Cladding, which is ideal for creating variety and distinction from other structures;
  • Stone Flooring that can be designed in custom shapes to create logos, medallions, and other decorative touches.
  • Liturgical Stone Work that generates a tranquil, reverent feel, such as masterfully crafted altars, opulent columns, seating, sculptures, and other structures;

Booms Stone Company: Your Commercial Granite Specialists

Booms Stone Company is Southeast Michigan’s leading stone contractor, having completed hundreds of projects for our valued customers. Whatever your granite needs may be, our design specialists can assist with selection, consultation, installation and maintenance. We’re happy to host guided day tours that teach the endless possibilities of our premium building materials. Please visit our product gallery to view our array of building material options for commercial applications, or contact us for a quote.

Did You Know?

Granite is an igneous rock originating from the slow crystallization of molten magma cooling deep beneath the Earth’s surface. The word ‘granite’ is derived from the Latin: granum, meaning grain. It describes the granular texture of the rock. The three main minerals easily recognized in granite are feldspar, mica, and quartz.

It is the varying color and density of each of these minerals along with differences in their cooling times which combine together to give the many different surface appearances of the rock, depending on where in the world it is quarried. Moreover, being homogenous in composition, igneous rocks are said to be ‘massive’ unlike sedimentary rocks which are composed in layers or beds of varying thickness. These qualities make granite the hardest, strongest and most durable of all building stone.