Why Choose Sandstone for Your Commercial Space?

True to its name, sandstone is composed primarily of mineral or rock grains in shades of beige, tan, red, gray, white, yellow and brown. The texture is generally uniform and relatively soft, so it can be adapted for a number of different applications in a commercial space. Our customers have incorporated sandstone into a wide range of structures, including museum and university campuses, government buildings, monuments, and various houses of worship.

Due to its low levels of absorption, striking visual appeal and high compression strength, sandstone works especially well for stone wall claddings and flooring. As an Accredited Member of the Marble Institute of America, Boom Stone Company employs a team of experts that specialize in building materials for commercial spaces. We can help you develop a design incorporating sandstone
to add visual interest and eye-catching appeal.

Applications for Commercial Sandstone

Sandstone is versatile and resilient, so it’s ideal for a wide range of commercial applications. This building material is as individual as the deposit from which it was quarried, providing unique dimension, color, and texture. For this reason, we recommend working closely with our design team to ensure aesthetical consistency.

The most common applications for sandstone in commercial spaces include:

  • Cladding for both interiors and exteriors;
  • Landscaping and exterior hardscapes, such as benches and retaining walls;
  • Paving/Flagging; and,
  • Statuary

Booms Stone Company: Your Commercial Sandstone Specialists

Booms Stone Company is Southeast Michigan’s foremost stone contractor, with an extensive portfolio of projects completed on behalf of hundreds of satisfied customers. Our team is available to assist with consultation, selection, and installation for a wide variety of projects incorporating sandstone. We welcome you to join us on a guided day tour to hear more about sandstone and all of our high-quality building materials. Please contact us to discuss our selection of premium building materials for commercial spaces, or contact us for a quote.