Why Choose Onyx for Your Commercial Space?

Onyx is a natural stone well-known for its elegance, translucence, and variety of sumptuous hues. The colors are delicate, mostly appearing as golden honey, soft green, and whirled tan. Onyx typically features bands and veins, incorporating shades of red and white, as well as complementary colors that run throughout the stone.

The subtle coloration contributes to its unique appeal, as does the translucency of onyx, which allows light to shine through in certain applications. It makes a bold focal point in commercial spaces where it can be accented with embedded lighting or backlighting to showcase its grandeur. Onyx can be finished with a polished surface, which results in a silky look that deepens the color and highlights the veining. A slightly honed finish results in less reflectivity and refined, understated allure. As an Accredited Member of the Marble Institute of America, Boom Stone Company’s team can help with onyx selection and design for any commercial project. Our satisfied clients include university and museum campuses, government structures, monuments, and liturgical spaces.

Applications for Commercial Onyx

Onyx is versatile for a number of uses in commercial spaces, and can be produced in tile form or slabs for larger, seamless coverage. Its exceptional beauty is ideal when the design incorporates lighting, but onyx is a beautiful addition to many commercial projects, including:

  • As a surround for architectural features;
  • Surfaces for lobbies and entryways;
  • Cladding for interior spaces; and,
  • Conference room tables and other fixtures.

Booms Stone Company: Your Commercial Onyx Specialists

As Southeast Michigan’s top commercial stone services provider, Booms Stone Company has built a portfolio of hundreds of projects for our valued clientele. Our design team is available for consultation on any commercial application, and we invite you to join us on a guided tour of our facility to learn more about onyx and other quality building materials. Please check out our collection of stone projects, or contact us for more information.