Liturgical Stone Furnishings

Location: Alexandria, VA

Architect: O’Brien & Keane

Owner: St. Louis Parish – Diocese of Arlington

Scope of Work: Install Liturgical Stone Furnishings which included:  Altar, Tabernacle base and Tabernacle, Ambo, and Baptismal Font.

Materials: Botticino Classico marble and Rojo Alicante marble with mosaic stone, glass and gold inlays.


St. Louis Catholic Church originally began construction in 1925 and throughout the following years underwent many expansions and renovations as the parish grew in size.  This renovation began in 2015 and consisted of all new marble furnishings which were being fabricated in Italy.  Due to the complexities and intricacies of the design and subsequent installation, Booms Stone worked closely with both the Architect and the stone fabricator in preparation of the furnishings arriving in the United States.  Included in our scope of work was the construction of the CMU support substrates for the Altar and Ambo; the Altar top was 6” thick marble and weighed just over 2 tons.  The installation of the furnishings was completed in December 2015 in time for the Christmas season.

Project Duration: 1 Week


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