Location: Bozeman, Montana

Owner / General Contractor: Mitchell Development & Investments, LLC

Architect: Faure-Halvorsen Architects

Scope of Work: Furnish only of cut to size Chocolate Bordeaux and Fantasia Gold granite to be used for exterior granite cladding and installed by a separate company.


  • Chocolate Bordeaux – 5,077 Sq. Ft.
  • Fantasia Gold – 2,000 Sq. Ft

Description: Booms Stone Company was asked to provide cut to size stone based on approved shop drawings. Once the pieces were fabricated, they were packaged and shipped to Bozeman, Montana. The Mitchell Group installed our fabricated granite on the exterior of the building using a mechanical installation method. Booms Stone Company designed the anchorage on the project and work with the structural engineer to produce stamped calculations.

Our fabrication facility was able to fabricate roughly one thousand square feet a week of quality, finished granite using AutoCAD files imported into the waterjet machine.  This streamlining process allows us to fabricate large volumes of cut to size stone in a short period of time.


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