Location: Capitol Park Historic District – Detroit, MI

Architect:  Kraemer Design Group, PLC

General Contractor:  Buildtech Ltd.

Owner: 1212 Griswold Street, LLC

Scope of Work: Remove and repair existing marble walls and floors throughout vestibule and elevator lobby.  Furnish and install new marble for interior walls in the residential lobby to match existing.


  • Botticino Classico


The original scope of work included repairing and re-installing the existing marble that was removed by the General Contractor.  However, due to extensive damage and missing pieces, we were tasked with locating material that would match the existing marble that was installed in 1895 when the building was originally constructed.  Slab material was shipped in from Italy and fabricated at Booms Stone’s facility.  The installation methods used for this renovation mimicked those originally used over 100 years ago; utilizing copper wire and plaster for installation of the interior wall cladding.

In addition to the marble installation, Booms Stone also fabricated and installed countertops for all 13 floors of the building.  The first 5 floors are currently occupied by the Archdiocese of Detroit and the upper 8 floors are residential apartments.

In total, approximately 2,300 square feet of Botticino marble and 5,400 square feet of Cambria© Quartz material was fabricated and installed throughout this building.

Project Duration:  11 Months


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